About Tri-C Resources

Tri-C Resources ("Tri-C") is a privately owned oil and gas exploration company founded in June of 1985 by Michael M. Cone, Scott Cone, and John Clinch. The company was formed to pursue exploration and development opportunities on the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast.

Tri-C is currently engaged in the exploration, development, exploitation and acquisition of domestic and foreign energy properties. Company expenditures are financed by industry affiliated investment groups and individuals in conjunction with Tri-C principals and employees.

Since its inception, Tri-C has maintained a reputation of excellence with a steadfast commitment to core beliefs and goals.

  • SPECIALIZATION: At Tri-C we focus on core areas that best align opportunity with expertise. Our exploration team boasts over 150 years of prospect generation experience.
  • BALANCE: Our drilling program includes exploration, development, and exploitation opportunities.
  • CONTROL: Our company infrastructure allows us to maintain operational control of our assets as company principals and employees own and finance the majority of the drilling program working interest.

Tri-C has drilled over 750 wells, generating revenues in excess of $1.6 billion. The company continues to employ the philosophy of growth through the drill bit. Its business model is the exposure of risk capital to the actual drilling of prospects through innovative solutions to unique and complex situations.

Tri-C has evolved through the utilization of cutting edge exploration, drilling and completion technology. The "rapid response" technique Tri-C employs has created a niche as the "go-to" company in the petroleum industry.